Il- LUMEE-nate Your-Selfie

Il- LUMEE-nate Your-Selfie

I don't take as many selfies as Kim Kardashian but when I am looking extra fly, I wander around wherever I may be in the search for one crucial selfie necessity... Perfect Lighting! When i heard about the LUMEE phone case I was upset that I didnt think of it and wondering where I could get one. 

Other than taking your selfies up a notch the best part about these phone cases is that you can find them almost anywhere online. I got mine on PoshMark, of course. You can easily find them on Ebay, Amazon and other online boutiques. Prices range from 20-60$ The colors range from Black, White, Rose, and Gold.

The LUMEE comes with its own charger and the instructions are simple. Click the button convieniently located on the lower back once quickly to turn on or off. Click and Hold to dim and brighten the light for any occasion. This thing gets surprisingly bright! Click twice for strobe lights! YES, Strobe Lights. Party Anywhere.  Its also big and bulky enough to protect your phone from a good fall, although taking it on and off is a struggle. Like i really havent been able to get mine off since i put it on LOL.

Another very important feature can possibly save your life! Click once so light is on and then click three times for the light to blink SOS in Morse code in case of an emergency, F*cking Brilliant. I give it an A+

Now that we have portable and excellent lighting we can style up our selfies with fabulous accessories. I received my second  RocksBox about 5 days after i sent back my first one and opened it to another stunning trio of jewelry.

SOKO - Gold Smooth Plate Collar

Kendra Scott - Alex Earring in Cobalt

House of Harlow 1960 - Mojave Mini Stack Ring

The cobalt blue of the earrings are so flattering on any skin tone and not heavy at all but my favorite is the House of Harlow 1960 ring. I have gotten compliments every time i wear it. It usually sells for 35$ but with the RocksBox Insider Pricing it is 28$ AND with the 10$ Shine Spend that you get every month with your subscription it takes it own to 18$!!! I am definitely thinking about keeping this one!

Try out RocksBox for one month FREE with my ItGirl code VIKMARGARITAXOXO

Thanks for reading! Don't worry about what people say while your glowing under your LUMEE, Dont let anyone dull your SHINE 

xo Victoria

Minku X Herbitual

Minku X Herbitual

RocksBox It Girl

RocksBox It Girl