My 6 Sunglasses Picks for Summer!

My 6 Sunglasses Picks for Summer!

Say that title 5 times fast lol

The sun is here! Sun safety and summer style is important. Get both and stand out with some cool shades. I linked for you a pair I purchased along with 5 sunglasses on my wish list from Jewelry Bean ! All these shades are under 35$! Shop the links and if a pair or two catch your eye... ( Damn I'm Cheesy!)

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*All photos except for title image are from ilymix.com

Mauna sunglasses in Pink are a show stopper 

Adri sunglasses - Glam alien vibes, I'm into it

Visby sunglasses - My sunglasses collection is full  of statement shades , I needed a pair that was pretty and chill for the summer. I purchased these because they are feminine and edgy.

Malsta sunglasses - These molten red tinted shades will make you pop in every group selfie

Retro Lennon Style Round sunglasses - Instant It Girl. Perfect with messy beach hair

Bangu sunglasses - Comes in 4 different colors to take your outfit to the next level

Happy Shopping! 

XO Vik

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7 Bolo Ties on Amazon under 20$

Consciously Accessorizing

Consciously Accessorizing