I'm Totally Charmed with Buried Diamond

I'm Totally Charmed with Buried Diamond

I can't believe I haven't written an accessories post since last July!! The New Year vibes have me fueled to create and explore new things (like a Burlesque class I just joined!) and get more content out into the universe this year. So sign up for my monthly newsletter to stay all up in my margarita mix.

I don't know where I came across Buried Diamond on Instagram but I have been dazzled by her colorful creations (necklaces, broches, patches, earrings!) for a while now and finally decided to gift myself a couple of her designs for Xmas. I was so excited to receive my purchase and while I was waiting for my order to arrive, my mom called me to tell me it was delivered to their home. I mixed up the shipping address with the billing info! It was a few days before I was driving to their place anyways, they live 2 hours away, for Christmas so I put my "keep calm" pants on. When I finally was able to open the parcel of shiny, charmed goodies, the wait was certainly worth it!


I chose this Hand Charm Necklace because it is a total conversation piece! I love the charms dangling from green nails. It is fun and unexpected, exactly what I look for when buying accessories. Something about her bright designs are tart yet sweet like citrus, which inspired the mood of this shoot.

***I interrupt my own post to make a confession. While browsing her Etsy shop to copy links for this post...I shopped! Along with Buried Diamond's variety of accessories, she also puts together mystery grab bags. How could I pass up the small Mystery Box for 25$?!  Keep an eye on my Insta Story for the big reveal!***


The second accessory I purchased was the Eyes Charm Bracelet. I love the rainbow palette and the sparkle this piece brings to my wardrobe. When winter rolls around, my outfits tend to get a little muted, but working at a color pop company like Pipsticks, reminds me to keep things bright and fresh. 

Follow Buried Diamond on Instagram for color inspo and don't forget to support artists you love!


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