Superfood Skincare Face Oil Review + Q&A w/ Glossy Paradise creator Pats Krysiak

Superfood Skincare Face Oil Review + Q&A w/ Glossy Paradise creator Pats Krysiak

 Photo provided by Glossy Paradise

Photo provided by Glossy Paradise

I met Pats Krysiak through Style Collective, a blogger community that helps bloggers and entrepreneurs connect with each other and grow. She reached out to me about sampling her beauty line, Glossy Paradise and sent over her Clarify and Nourish Face Oil for me to review!

When I received the product, packaged in jungle leaf print and a cute flamingo on the bottle, I was a bit apprehensive to try it. At the time, I was very new to using oil beauty products. I have combination skin and get oily through the day so I was always afraid that it would make me more greasy and clog my pores. I think a lot of people feel this way when they hear the word "oil" but I can say I have debunked the myth and this isn't true at all! 

The all natural ingredients from the Amazon Rain Forest: Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, and Aguaje Oil combine to cleanse skin of impurities that clog pores while keeping skin moisturized and glowing. The aguaje oil is what gives it its amber color as I squeezed the dropper over my T-Zone. When applied, it absorbs into skin very quickly and has a nice, earthy scent. It's like the oil becomes one with your skin and it leaves your skin with the most natural glow. I rub the excess oil on my hands and nails as suggested by the bottle. My hands are very thankful.

I've been focusing a ton on skin care and have been working hard on finding my skin's happy place. The Glossy Paradise oil has become a regular in my skincare routine and completely changed my mind about face oils. It is so high quality and delivers amazing results that help me go make-up free regularly and confidently!

Glossy Paradise currently has 3 face oils to choose from based on your skin needs:

Smooth and Hydrate for All Skin Types - "Jojoba oil and rosehip oil will keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. When applied at night, you will wake up with glowing skin."

Repair and Hydrate Face Oil for Dry and Damaged Skin - "This oil will keep your skin hydrated and moisturized throughout the day. The aguaje oil will help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars and sun spots."

Clarify and Nourish face Oil for Oily and Acne Prone Skin - "Antiseptic properties combat acne, reduced the amount of oil on skin, assists in toxin removal, gives the skin a healthy glow."


Q+A with Pats

Creator of Glossy Paradise

 Meet Pats! Photo provided by Glossy Paradise.

Meet Pats! Photo provided by Glossy Paradise.

VM: Hey SC sister! I can't wait to dive into these questions! You are based in Lima, Peru! How would you describe your / the Peruvian lifestyle?


PK: Yes, I am based in Lima, Peru and I love it here! I'm actually Polish-Canadian but have been living in Peru for a few years now. I've had my fair share of lifestyles (living in Europe vs. Canada) and I have to say Lima is a great place to live. It's a coastal city, so it kind of has a similar vibe to Los Angeles (even the weather is the same!). It's a bit more slow-paced here, people are extremely friendly and everything is based around food. 


My lifestyle is a little bit crazy because I have a lot of energy. I need to get that energy out so I always fill my days from morning till night. I love working, spending time with my friends and family and discovering new places in the city / Peru in general. I do my best to balance my days with work, friends/family, gym time and me time. Me time being reading poetry/books, going to museums or finding inspiration for Glossy Paradise. 


VM: A workaholic! My kind of girl :) Who, would you say, is the Glossy Paradise girl?


PK: The Glossy Paradise girl is someone who feels confident in her natural skin and beauty. She might love makeup, but doesn't need it to feel good. She knows that her imperfections are what make her unique. She always looks on the positive side of life and leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes! 


 Photo provided by Glossy Paradise

Photo provided by Glossy Paradise

VM: I LOVE that! Speaking of going makeup free, you have gorgeous skin. Which Glossy Paradise face oil is your go to? 


PK: Thank you! I have to thank my superfood oils for that. My skin is very reactive to the environment and my hormone levels. Meaning when it's that time of month, I get breakouts, or when I am traveling in a dry climate (airplanes), it gets extremely dry. I switch between all of my oils depending how my skin is doing. If it's dry, I add extra Aguaje Oil to it (a superfood from the Peruvian jungle that high in vitamins A, E and C), if it's oily, I stick to the Clarify & Nourish formula that has Peruvian Jojoba Oil and Amazonian Lemon Essential oil. 


VM: Yes, The Clarify and Nourish face oil has been a game changer! You founded Glossy Paradise in 2017! I’m so impressed by your product and what you have accomplished for yourself so far. What exciting things are in the future for Glossy Paradise? 


PK: Thank you! This first year has been tough! I had to concentrate on the "foundation" of the company- getting all of the legal work completed, sorting out the logistics of moving the oils from the Amazon Rainforest to Lima, etc... Now that's all sorted so I am ready to start the fun part! Building a fun community on social media, getting into stores, a mini re-brand and more products! Be on the lookout for hair, body and natural tanning oils soon! 

VM: My skin can't wait!

Thank you for reading and special thank you to Pats for taking the time to answer my questions and gifting me such a special product!

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See you in the #GlossyJungle! XO

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