California Winter in Pastels

California Winter in Pastels



Let me catch you up on what's new in my Margarita World. If you haven't checked out my instagram lately then I am announcing that I have made a Youtube channel! I'd love suggestions on what kind of video content you would like to watch or have interest in. Lifestyle? Look books? Tutorials? Leave your suggestions in the comments! I appreciate your thoughts and feedback!

A California girls closet has to be flexible in the winter. Currently this winter is starting to feel more like spring and despite my love of coats and jackets, this means I need to find ways to stay cool. The Astrology inspired overall from Melissa McCarthy Seven7 is lightweight and the lilac, ruffled top I layered underneath is from Anthroplogie. If you know me then you know I am a fan of experimenting with mixed prints so I threw the printed bag in just to be extra. The bag is from a thrift store and so is the belt. 

I wore this outfit on a weekend day out and I'm totally going to wear it again for an event or get together. The overalls and ruffle top are a solid base to change the vibe up with accessories. Not going to lie, I have been struggling to come up with fun outfit combinations with my wardrobe while staying practical and comfortable with the bipolar weather and when I put this on I felt like my wardrobe rut had finally been broken! Here are my 3 tips for breaking out of a wardrobe rut:

1. Get in there and get organized! Before shopping, you have to know what you need and to know what you need, you need to know what you already have. Once a month I take time to look through my drawers and closet just to make a mental note of what I have and during laundry days I take note of what I wear the most. Having everything organized and visible will help you figure out what you can put together and help you see where you may need more options. In my case, I could create a ton more options if I had 2-3 more pairs of pants. So that's something I will be investing in soon.

2. Try it on! What a crazy concept right? Even I could take more time to simply try different looks out. This also helps set aside things that don't fit well so you can donate them or store them away from your wearable items. We don't always have time to plan outfit in advance but if you try on your closet often in your free time, it will help you come up with looks easier when you are more familiar with how your clothing fits you. 

3. If it works, Work it around. Take your go-to outfit and put a twist on it. Add an accessory, tuck in your T-shirt, roll your pants cuff, roll your sleeves up, pop your collar... okay maybe not that one...but maybe yes?! Simple shifts in styling and trying something new gets the creative juices flowing! Wear the same look 5 times with a different lip color. Being an outfit repeater is smart, ethical and anything but boring when you get playful with it. Similarly, adding the same styles but in different colors or patterns keeps you comfortable and gives you options within your comfort zone.






Asos, Bold Stripes & Extremely Ripped Jeans

Asos, Bold Stripes & Extremely Ripped Jeans