The Earth Laughs in Flowers

The Earth Laughs in Flowers

This week I took a road trip to San Francisco for a floral *wink* celebration then back down south to Carlsbad California to visit a dear friend for her birthday and Earth Day! She suggested we go to The Flower Fields and my first thought was, "This will make a great Spring photo post for the blog!".

i know... i know 

Other than Lego Land , Carlsbad is home to The Flower Fields. Almost 90 years of floral cultivation by father and son Frank and Edwin Franzee started in the 1920's.

50 acres of Ranunculus, also known as the Persian Buttercup grace the hillside with luxurious Carlsbad Ranch Resort sitting on top. It is a fun place for kids and photos. My friends daughter, Iris enjoyed running through the Sweet Pea Maze and we went on a Tractor Wagon ride across the fields. There is a playground and an area that kids can pan for pretty rocks. Ice cream, Lemonade and fresh Strawberry shakes keep you cool from the gorgeous California weather. 

Flowers have been a favorite still life subject for photographers and artists forever and i was happy to walk around and capture the colors of the blossoms and capture light moments with the Marquez family. 

Flowers have a broad range of symbolism in many cultures and femininity. The Iris flower is a symbol of "Good News" :)


There were plenty of people dressed up to take insta-worthy photos but i stayed casual with leggings and a slouchy boho sweater. Topped it off with some statement sunglasses. From The City up north to the sun kissed beachy south. I never stop falling in love with California.

Fun Facts - Rarely any Bees! Allergies were not that bad! 

All photos taken by me, except for the intro photo from Google and the photo of me which was taken by Aurora.

Stop and smell the flowers 

Love, Victoria

Terri x Torrid

Terri x Torrid

Burning Sands

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