Take A Hit with Blunted Objects : Cannabis Fashion

Take A Hit with Blunted Objects : Cannabis Fashion

The best part about Instagram is finding badass brands and creative people to follow, be inspired by and support. Not sure how I found Blunted Objects on the platform but I was smitten from the start! 

It is an exciting time for the cannabis industry and I show my support for the leaf by wearing it on my sleeve... well specifically around my neck. Blunted Objects opens up the conversation with representation. "All pieces are aimed to be statement-making, instigate double-takes, and connect you with the cannabis community with unique pieces that nod to your high interests. Imagine a world where you can instantly recognize like-minded people simply because they rep that iconic leaf. "In numbers, there is strength."" Learn more about them HERE.

True Religion Leaf Rosary in Rose Quartz - Love at first sight! This gorgeous necklace gets me tons of compliments and comes in green agate (definitely on my wish list) and hematite. It's a subtle statement and the rose quartz keeps it the vibe feminine and chic. 


Tattoo Leaf Choker - This choker makes me feel like a rockstar! Paired with a bold lip or you can just let the silver do the talking. The beautiful details on the leaf makes it extra special. Also comes in gold.


On My Wish List

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Green Crack Leaf Earring - You know I'm all about a statement earring! These gorgeous green beauties are at the top of my list for my next accessories splurge.

Vintage Weed Lead Embellished Brass Stash Box - Like, I don't need it but I NEED it! I would probably use it as a jewelry box for my growing Blunted Objects collection!

Weed Leaf Bar Ring - I need more rings in my life! And a fire manicure to match!

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