The Gift of Scent

The Gift of Scent

Scent can resurrect the most delicate memories from behind our eyes. Memories of places, people and times in our lives we sometimes can not exactly describe. 

In High School my sister gave me Dior Addict 2. I was immediately obsessed with the young and sexy notes of freesia and grenadine. It didn't matter that my fashion sense was a mess because I smelled like a million bucks.

After graduation Micheal Kors caught my eye with the glam advertisements and packaging of Very Hollywood. I rushed over to Macy's to sample the scent and bought it right then and there. After trying out a couple of spritz I felt it was too mature of scent for me. But I continued to use the coral and gold box to stash my waitress tip$. Fast Forward a couple years and now the scent now suits me better. I had to grow into the sophisticated floral fragrance.

I am constantly busy working and dream chasing so my fragrance routine has been a spritz of One Thousand Wishes from Bath and Body Works (also a gift from my sister. She has amazing taste! ) during the day and Very Hollywood for nights out or events.

For my 25th birthday my muse/artist/Korean makeup enthusiast friend Mikayla gave me The Gift of Scent with Commodity Goods: Scent Cocktail Kit.

This unisex kit encourages you to wear the fragrances "neat" by themselves or mix it up and layer the notes. The black colored bottle are the more intense fragrances : Whiskey, Book, Moss, Wool, Gin. The white bottles are lighter scents: Gold, Mimosa, Rain, Magnolia, Tea.

My kit came with a couple cocktail recipes 

Old Fashioned - 1pt Whiskey 1pt Mimosa

Morning Fog - 1pt Rain 1pt Moss

There are more recipes on the website!(linked below) I tried

Brunch - 2pt Mimosa (of course) 1pt Moss 1pt Gin    this scent i would absolutely wear to brunch

Sunday - 1pt Book 1pt Tea  my kind of Sunday!

I got playful and made my own signature cocktails! I named them...

Overcast - 1pt Tea 1pt Book 1pt Rain    i wish blogs were scratch an sniff because it is intoxicating

Love Drunk - 1pt Magnolia 1pt Whiskey  

Commodity Goods stole my heart with this brilliant fragrance kit! Perfect for a graduation or mothers day present! Sold on Sephora online. #FragranceMadePersonal

May your neck and wrist forever be kissed with scents you will never forget

In Photo : Nars Nail Polish in Pokerface / Vintage Guess Coin Purse /TooCoolForSchool Dinoplatz Cushy Blusher

xo Victoria



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