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In my last apartment I literally wished for a bath tub every time I took a shower because it didn't have one. All I wanted to do after a long day was float in fizz and suds. And now I finally have one!

Where else do you get the most nirvana inducing but most importantly, Fair Trade /Cruelty Free/ Eco-Friendly bath bombs than Lush Cosmetics?!

What? You are telling me you have never looked at a Lush Bath Bomb and thought it looked like a creamy scoop of ice cream?! For this shoot I was inspired by the fruity colors and sugar texture of the bath bombs and created some sweet Lush sundaes. I don't recommend actually tasting these haha!

Let's start with Intergalactic.

Float among the stars and zone out ,weightless, in the neon colors of this bath bomb. You'll be lost in the gravitational pull of peppermint and cedarwood. This is the bomb I use when I just want to get lost in my thoughts. Great for all Space Babes.

No plans for V-Day? No problem. 

Stay at home and walk the gardens of your mind with Rose Bombshell.

Enjoy the company of real yellow rose petals by yourself or invite someone special to soak with you in luxe rose oil. Leaves you feeling soft and ultra feminine.

 Dragon's Egg - Citrus scents and golden glittery waters will leave you sparkling, literally.

AvoBath - Moisturizing mashed avocado and awakening green waters start your day off right.

Fizzbanger - Sets your senses ablaze with pops from crackling candy. Apple and cinnamon make it one of my top 3 favorite scents.

Smitten by the Lover Lamp.

Add some sweet romance to the evening with this NEW and LIMITED TIME ONLY, Lover Lamp bath bomb. Naturally lustful vanilla transforms you into a silky goddess. Splash around in this before your bae gets home then cuddle for extended amounts of bliss, they'll love it's lingering perfume on you.

Behind every photo is a very big mess! I got my hands really sticky for this shoot ! 

Remember, baths without bombs are boring. Always treat yourself like a queen and find your inner sacred space ( aka: Leave the phone on your bed! ) 

No Bath? Enjoy one of Lush's all natural Face Masks.




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