ThinkDirty App Review - Skin Care Awareness

ThinkDirty App Review - Skin Care Awareness

I was at a friend's BBQ when someone brought up the ThinkDirty App. "You know what is one of the worst products for you? Dove!" she said and I was in total shock! "What makes it the worst?" I asked and she explained that the app rates products by their ingredients impacts on health. I downloaded the app immediately and couldn't wait to get home and see what poisons I've been applying to my body regularly. Do you know what your beauty routine is made of?

First of all, None of my blog posts have been paid, purely my own opinion and I will be sure to make it clear if there ever are sponsored posts on my blog or social media. I am not writing this for you to quit using your favorite products. This in no way should pressure you to throw everything out. I want to share this app because I know knowledge is power and being aware of the chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis gives us what we need to make the choices that are right for us individually. 

ThinkDirty rates products on a scale of 0-10. 0 being green, safe, zone and 10 being red, danger, zone. They have a detailed process they put each product and company through to rate the item based on the health impacts of each ingredient. It lists each published ingredient and explains them each clearly. They look for chemicals that have  Reproductive and Developmental toxins, Carcinogens, ones that cause Immunotoxicity, and Allergens.

You can scan the barcode of your products or simply search for them in the search bar. You can also add your items to "Your Bathroom Shelf" to see your overall score. Mine is a 9 so... my face could fall off any minute.JK! Just being dramatic. I took some screen shots to show you what the app said about my bathroom shelf and to give you an idea of what the app is about before you download. Let's start with my favorite Rose Water facial  spray by Mario Badescu.

Its rated a 9! But when you check the ingredients it only has 2 that are not in the green zone. ThinkDirty is pretty strict. If there is one extra dangerous ingredient it will ruin the over all score of the product. From searching up many products on this app, a ton of them are Red zoned from the ingredient "Fragrance". 

Fragrance is an undisclosed , mystery chemical cocktail company's use to make things smell nice but can have extreme effects on our health from using it. From skin irritation , hormone imbalances to cancer. Learn more about this scary truth and how to take action and demand change from at

What makes a listed chemical a potential health risk? Simply click on the chemical for a detailed description of its tested and studied effects. They even have sources you can click to read further into the studies of the ingredient and warnings from regulatory agencies.

On the "Green" list is Eos Lip Balm and Dickinson's Witch Hazel which makes me super happy because I refer everyone to the witch hazel toner! Glad to know I haven't been suggesting something harmful. Even though it states that Dickinsons Witch Hazel hasn't gone through their whole review process, it only has 3 ingredients and I remain a loyal fan.

I was surprised by Burt's Bees mixed review products. Not all their beauty products are as safe as others.As you can see the Pomegranate chapstick is listed twice with completely different ratings. Not sure what happened there but also a note to keep yourself informed but not take every rating to heart.

Next up is my Lush Sea Spray hair mist. Lush is known for being natural but also fails in using the Fragrance chemicals! Not too bad but still a little disappointing. The best part of the app is that if you are totally freaked out by your beauty routine it has a number of suggested Green zone products to choose from that you can buy straight from the app!

Along with green zone suggested beauty products they also curate limited monthly boxes you can purchase! Or simply browse the referred safe products.

Here are my green zone picks! All are rated 0 :)

Apoterra Skincare - Rose Nourishing Serum

Moondani - Natural Breath Mist

Aiona Alive - Citrus Cleanser

Rocky Mountain Soap Company - Tea Tree Deodorant


Don't just take my word for it! See what other blogs had to say HERE. Or download the free app and see for yourself.

Just something to think dirty about ;)   - Victoria




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