At-Home Teeth Whitening: Is It Worth It?

At-Home Teeth Whitening: Is It Worth It?

I love my smile! I hold my smile responsible for getting me hired at a couple jobs and made me some extra money during my serving days $$$! My resting face can come off as cold but the instant I smile, the ice melts and people aren't afraid to get to know me. I use my smile to make people comfortable and I use my smile to let my boyfriend know I've won the argument. ;) You can say a lot with the curve of you lips and a flash of pearly whites.

In middle school my parents invested in my smile by getting me braces and although I didn't always love them (pain, awkward eating, too many dentist appointments), I MORE than appreciate them now that I'm older. Unfortunately, I also appreciate... tea, occasional coffee, wine, and citrus fruits like pomegranates. I LOVE pomegranates! And now that I've been taking actions to be zero waste and limit plastic in my life, I've stopped using straws. All these habits have taken their toll on my teeth.

Smile Brilliant noticed that my grin could use some TLC and sent me their T3 Sensitive Teeth Whitening Kit! Just in time to get all dazzled up for Spring! This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.


The Kit Includes:

3 Whitening Gel Tubes

3 Desensitizing Gel Tubes

3 Base Mold Containers

3 Catalyst Containers

2 Impression Trays

1 Pre-Paid Shipping Envelope


When I saw the impression trays I had instant braces flashbacks! I easily mixed one Base Mold with one Catalyst mold, it is like putty, and pressed it into the Impression trays. I did the same for the top teeth tray and the bottom then pressed them, one at a time, into my teeth for 2 minutes. Then tossed them in the pre-paid envelope to have my custom trays created. Super simple!

When my custom-fit whitening trays arrived, I was nervous to start the treatments. I read tons of reviews online and their FAQs on the Smile Brilliant website before starting. I always recommend researching any product you want to try.

I squeezed a line of whitening gel into my custom tray and put them on. Each gel syringe contains 3-4 treatments. I had a towel, because I read that you will salivate a lot, which is true! I felt a slight tingle when the gel touched my gums. I used the towel to wipe it off if it started to bother me and if the gel got on tongue. As you can imagine, it doesn't taste good! You have to leave the whitening treatment on for 45 minutes - 2 hours. Followed by the desensitizing treatment for 15-20 minutes. Then, no food or drink for 30 minutes afterwards.

What did I do while whitening?


A couple hours is along time to sit around so I did some spring cleaning of my makeup, hair and beauty bins. They were a mess! 

My boyfriend recently put up a dart board in our home. I like to practice while whitening, time passes by fast and I'm putting less holes in the wall with more practice. Haha! #WinningWhileWhitening.

These are my results after three 1 hour treatments! These photos were taken in natural light during the same time of day in the same spot, no funny business. These results are amazing! I knew my daily cup of tea was wearing on my teeth but wow! I'm so happy with my results already and I still have gel left for plenty more treatments. The custom trays are what I think makes a huge difference compared to strips, the gel stays in place and covers the whole tooth for maximum results. This kit is 149$ when a dentist whitening treatment can cost up to 500$! 


Want to win a Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit?!


It only takes a couple seconds!!

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Check out Smile Brilliant on their website and more stunning before and after photos on their Instagram!

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