Spring Trend I LOVE: Garden Brows !

Spring Trend I LOVE: Garden Brows !

I was browsing twitter when I came across a beauty trend post from Allure magazine that featured influencer, Taylor R aka @taytay_xx, rocking a pastel green brow with perfectly placed flowers. I'm a dreamy girl and I love fashion that is romantic and artistic. I was instantly smitten with this look and could not wait to try it! 

This is what I used to create these Garden Eyebrows.


Babies Breathe 


 Sephora Eye Pencil in Green


Revlon Eyelash Glue


I must admit I did not have a plan when I created this look. I had just got home from work and noticed how green the grass was from the rain we just had and decided that I would pick some blades and use flowers I had inside and give it a go. I think that is the best way to go about this look. Just gather some petals and eyelash glue and get creative! No garden brow is the same!


First I filled in my brows with a green eye pencil. In the end, you can really see this application so I would consider it optional.

Second, I started at the end of my eye brow and placed longer strands of grass, cutting them if needed. I placed these near the arch and left them long enough to reach the end of my eyebrow. Also, its important to make sure the natural tips of the grass are facing the end of the brow and the cut, blunt part isn't, for a more natural look.

Third, I cover the blunt grass at my arch with a couple branches of babies breathe. Then cover the babies breathe with a vervain bulb.

Fourth, I use the same method for the end of my brow as the beginning of my brow. But I only fill in the very front, leaving a little space between the vervain bulb. This part can be tricky because you have to measure the blade of grass first to get an appropriate length and remember to have the tips of the grass facing up, just like they would naturally. Things get sticky around this time but a little mess is a part of the fun!

Fifth, I fill in the space with petals and more babies breath. Add as much or as little as you like!! Ta-da! You are so spring!!

Tip: Keep the rest of your makeup simple and don't put down the eyelash glue brush in the pile of grass! Ugh, I'm obviously not a makeup artist. Lol

Would you rock this look?



Happy Spring, XO

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