Travel Beauty Must Have - Sphynx Portable Razor

Travel Beauty Must Have - Sphynx Portable Razor

Have you ever gone to put your hair in a ponytail and realized your armpit hair is out of control, then try not to raise your arms the rest of the day? Or go to tie your shoe and realize you missed a spot on your ankle? Body hair is totally not a big deal but I personally prefer to shave if I’m going to show some skin! That being said grooming body hair can be tedious. I rush through it and miss spots or forget about it all together so I was pumped to discover Sphynx portable razor!

When you pop the top off of this chic portable razor it contains a mini spray bottle, a moisturizing bar, a razor and and extra razor! You switch between the 4 by turning the rotation device on the outside of the package. When I first saw the product at Beautycon I was immediately interested and followed them on Instagram till I finally gave in to buying it for myself! I think it is such a cool idea for anyone who shaves or trims on the go. It could have saved me so many times! Consider it my new travel buddy :)

P.S. It is TSA approved!!! #JetSet

P.S.S. Did I mention it was created by a badass girl boss?! Learn more about their story HERE.


Sphynx razors are $15 and come in 4 colors for your style! Get yours HERE.

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They also just launched at Target! Find them in the shaving isle.

Not sponsored! I love sharing new brands I come across and hope you found this product as cool as I do.

XO Vik

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