You LOVE it!...but it's Fast Fashion. Tips on How to Decide to Buy or Not to Buy

You LOVE it!...but it's Fast Fashion. Tips on How to Decide to Buy or Not to Buy

Fast fashion is a dirty word. Learning the harmful effects on people and the planet that comes from fast fashion is what lead me to cut out brands like Forever21 from my life. I cut out H&M too, until I came across this insect print button up. When it comes to buying clothing, a bold print gets me every time. But, as a conscious consumer, I considered my purchase.

Did I want to support a fast fashion brand like H&M? I had in the past, one of my go-to moto jackets was from them. Then I checked the tag and it said it was from their Conscious Collection and made from recycled fibers. I’ve read about their sustainability efforts on their website which seems legit. They have great goals but do they take action?

I ultimately decided I would by the top because it was made with recycled textiles ( I even double checked with their customer service after not seeing the recycled textile information on their website. They were very helpful but their website and tags could be a lot more transparent) and because I know I will wear it to death. I had my mom take these dope pictures of me in it over the holidays. Shopping better is what everyone is talking about and that is a great thing! But I understand that sometimes we just gotta have that shirt. You can’t always be perfect. So here are a couple things to ask yourself before you buy from fast fashion labels and 1 action to take after you do.

  1. How many times will I ACTUALLY wear this? Be honest with yourself. Think about what is already in your closet and if you can’t think of at least 3 ways to wear it with what you already have. Don’t buy it.

  2. Does it fit? Always try on what you want to buy. This is something I’ve had to work on myself because I would often buy something thinking it will look good on and it doesn’t. Then I’m too lazy or busy to return it and I just gave that fast fashion brand $$$ for no reason. #TheWorst

  3. When it comes to accessories just look at the quality. If it doesn’t look like it will survive 2 years , skip it. Accessories like jewelry should be handed down and are more easily recycled than clothing and most bags.

So you bought the thing… now what?

If we want guilt free shopping experiences, we have to ask for it! Reach out to the brand and let them know that you just bought * insert item here * but felt guilty about it knowing that it wasn’t made sustainably. Or ask them how they are changing this year to help reduce their impact on the climate. Do they still hand out plastic bags? Tell them that they are very late to the party and need to stop ASAP! A little pressure goes a long way. Fashion Revolution is a great source of information on how to reach out and even has email and social media templates that you can fill in and send! I really love this one HERE.

Shop like a Rockstar,

Vik Margarita

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