3 EASY Apartment Decor Ideas

3 EASY Apartment Decor Ideas

I remember looking at home decor and wondering what my own apartment would look like one day. I thought I would paint the walls, hang tons of frames and switch it up every season! When I finally moved out I was like "Yes! Freedom!". Only to find out that renting comes with rules an regulations on decorating that aren't fun. Not all complexes let you paint, put nail holes in the wall and most of the time have tiny storage spaces. 

Naturally, I've been searching and playing with ways to bend the rules and create a space that I love. So far I have tackled 3 common apartment situations and thought I would share them with you!

1.) A Room With A View

Yay your apartment or studio isn't a dark box, it has a window!.... that faces directly into a neighboring party house window. Or a wall. Or just an ugly view you cant stand( insert sad face ). In my case, the college party house of Cal Poly is next door and I'm not down with that view or noise so we never open that window. But staring at blank ugly blinds isn't fun either so I got an idea.

It dawned upon me at Michaels Craft Store. The floral section was blooming with stems of different colors and types of fake blossoms, vines, and tropical leaves. It took me 2 trips of looking through and figuring out what I wanted before I made a purchase of 15 stems and a couple peacock feathers.

When you purchase the stems they are very long and plastic. Cutting them is an option but they have wire in the stem at well so have a tool that can handle that. They are also heavier than they look. Apartment blinds are super weak! I tried weaving them in the blinds but they could't handle the weight. I finally figured out that I could bend the stems at the length I wanted and drape them over the blinds. The heavier the stem, the closer I would place it next to the strings that hold the blinds together. That is how I achieved the images above!

I went with calm and cool tones and lined the top of the window but you can go as bright and full as you wish! I put the cost of the stems I bought at Michaels below but you can also find stems at the Dollar Tree!

Project Time - About 30 minutes

Cost - about 40$ for 15 stems and 5 peacock feathers


2.) Making The Most Of Tiny Spaces

I have talked about these Target bins on my InstaStory before but I am obsessed with them! You might have noticed the one on my desk for my notebooks and magazine tear sheets in first images. The come in an assortment of colors and sizes but the reason why I got them is because my bathroom has no drawers and itty bitty mirror cabinet space. I needed an organized and compact way to store all of my beauty supplies.

You can find similar bins anywhere but I loved that the two little ones I have both fit side by side inside the big one! So I place them together like russian dolls and just slide it under the sink.  Easy! One little bin is for face and beauty products and one is specifically for makeup. The big bin holds lotion bottles, bigger bottle products and hair styling tools. 

Find them in Target stores or online HERE

3.) Simple and Cheap Wall Accents

I rarely find posters or wall decor I like and even if I did I can't put holes in the wall. Removable wall papers are pretty cool but can be pricey depending on the size of the wall you are doing. I am not allowed to paint either, I could but I don't have the time and I don't want to spend money and work twice when covering it up at the end of a lease.

I just want a cute accent. Something super easy! I first discovered wall decals on the Wish App and bought dandelions for the bathroom and a Bon Apetite for the kitchen ,both for 1$! Check out the app but be warned things are cheap for a reason but the reviews are honest and helpful. The dandelions were cute but not the best quality. I had them up for a year and decided it was time to change it up.

I found these PaperRiot arrows and was immediately inspired to frame the mirror with them in the bathroom and then I put them in the office as well! I used a ruler to place them accurately. The ones at the top closer to the light lifted a couple times, I think from the heat. I turned the light off and checked up on them after they were placed and simply pressed down any lifted areas. The next day they had not lifted and the ones above the towel rack never budged after they were placed! The create a fun , simple accent in any room! 

PaperRiot as other cute designs ( gold feathers , trees, etc. ) that let your imagination soar! So easy to remove and reapply if you mess up!

Project Time - 15 minutes

Price - $4.99 for 60 short and long arrows! 

Shop from Target HERE


Apartment living can still be fun without taking from your deposit! Hope you were inspired. Thank you so much for reading.

Know any other fun and easy decor projects? Please share them in the comments! 


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