Reusable Revolution! My 2018 Resolution Against Waste

Reusable Revolution! My 2018 Resolution Against Waste

Say Reusable Revolution 5 times fast. In fact, my goal is to repeat this mantra all year! There are so many important causes to support in ur world but, the war on waste has always weighed heavily on my heart. 

Super gross fact, If you buy just one cup of coffee or tea in a disposable cup every day, you’ll end up creating about 23 lbs of waste in one year. Some people have more than one a day. Add a water bottle and possibly a fast food beverage to the mix every other day and one individual can create a lot of waste in a week on their own. And that's only drink containers. Whatever your stance is on climate change, there is no denying the amount of waste people are rapidly creating with non-reusable to-go containers. And sooner or later, we will smother in it. Sorry, NOT sorry for the dramatics.

Even crazier fact, trash isn't invisible. Everyone in 2018 is aware that trash is a problem, we see it everyday and recycling isn't cutting it. Yet less than 2% of people use reusable cups. This year I am taking responsibility for my impact! 

It's simple. Shop around for a reusable cup ( like the supercute ones in this post! ) and then use it. Even if you are going through a drive through window, just let the person on the intercom know you have your own cup. Most drive through windows are right next to the beverage machine anyway. If it makes you feel like a diva, GOOD! You are an earth warrior diva! Own it.


My next paycheck goes too...

BKR drinkware is anything but ordinary with a range of chic and special glass bottles in varied sizes for your individual thirst and style. And whoever writes their product descriptions is a true poet! Really, read the description for their luxe 500 collection HERE. Oh and they also sell their own ice trays so you can fit slender, cold cubes into the bottle. Talk about women with vision!

I've got my eye on ---> Spiked Jet 1 Liter 




S'well products are made to keep your beverages cold for 24 hours and hot for 12! They also give back by supporting UNICEF USAAmerican ForestsBCRF and (RED). Keep an eye on their Instagram for their next collaboration and check out their current LibertyxSwell collab at Starbucks.

I've got a thing for  ===> Spectrum Collection - UltraViolet


If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I LOVE my Starbucks drinkware! I chose the 10oz glass because I can't consume a lot of caffeine, it heightens my anxiety, so a tall drink is all I need. If you are a regular at this coffee spot then you should invest in a cup. They don't make them this cute for nothing! They recently closed down their online shop but their drinkware can be found at any Starbucks location.

To support my 2018 resolution againsts disposable food and drink containers I have started @byo_togo (bring your own togo) on Instagram! Take a photo using your reusable drinkware or food containers and use hashtag #BYOTOGO to get a repost and inspire your friends and family to join the movement. And when you see someone in real life using their cup, raise your glass to them and say,

Cheers, to Earth.


The Zero Waste Bloggers Leading The Revolution

The Zero Waste Bloggers Leading The Revolution

Enviro-Textiles - Sustainable Hemp Fabric

Enviro-Textiles - Sustainable Hemp Fabric