The BEST resource for Bloggers - Style Collective

The BEST resource for Bloggers - Style Collective

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Whether you are an OG follower or new to my work, thanks so much for taking the time to support my journey! I take every click, like, and comment to heart and it keeps me going in my pursuit of happiness! After 3 years of blogging I feel like I’m finally getting into a groove and feeling more confident than ever and I have one platform to thank, Style Collective.

Style Collective is a platform for bloggers of any level and niche to learn EVERYTHING you need to know about growing your audience, working with brands, and connecting with other bloggers. The membership includes, worksheets, monthly content calendars that keep you up to date with special holidays and trends, e-courses you can do whenever you want and revisit at anytime, community boards to answer all your questions, an ever-growing brand directory with contacts ( you don’t even have to search for an email!), and so much more. Having all this information in one place, especially because I work full time, really jump started my business when I joined a year ago. The strategies I have learned from Style Collective has helped me make valuable connections and, the BEST thing of all, learn what my creativity is worth and how to value my work. It is the best 10$ I spend a month!

Ready to sign up already?! Join HERE!

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Here are a few of features that make being an SC member totally worth it!

Biggest lesson learned since joining: It is hilarious to me now but I was clueless about how to get a brands attention when I was just starting out. I thought stalking, liking and commenting every post was enough but after listening to one episode of the Becoming Fearless podcast (Style Collective’s FREE weekly podcast) my mind was blown! The trick is…if you LOVE a brand and you want to work with them, first, post about them if you haven’t already. Second, EMAIL THEM! Send them the link to your post and introduce yourself!

This is how I landed my first brand collaboration with Lovesick (Torrid’s sister brand that unfortunately had to close) which eventually landed me a collab with Torrid! Check it out HERE

Their "‘How to win at pitching brands’ E-course helped me gain confidence ( i’m always a big scared baby! lol) in approaching brands that helped me score a paid freelance content creation gig with Sugar Bear Hair! See my recent work with them HERE. Emailing can be intimidating but if you bring something to the table like great social media posts or a bog post and show them how much you appreciate them and want to grow your relationship, the worst they can say is ‘no’ because you brought your best.

By the way, I scored these fun collaborations and I have less than 3,000 followers on Instagram!!

My FAVORITE resource: The SC Blog. The Monthly Blog Prep Kit ALONE is worth the 10$ a month! It’s so fancy it even has a table of contents! This resource breaks down the upcoming month so you can brainstorm and plan content ahead of time! No need to rush a blog post because you totally forgot about national “insert random thing” day.

This guide provides market research stats like what percent of adults start their holiday shopping early and what they are shopping for. It also gathers the best seasonal hashtags and hashtag holidays for you. Plus, they brainstorm seasonal ideas and topics to inspire your blog posts! They literally hand you hours of research on a pretty plate. And that’s just one type of blog they post consistently. Each post is written with relevant information and our success in mind.

The Sisterhood of Style Collective: There are forums and groups that help you connect with bloggers of every level! That’s how I met Pats of beauty brand Glossy Paradise ( check out my review and interview with her HERE). They even have a SC Sister map so you can find bloggers near you to connect and collab with. There is room for all of us at the table no matter how “saturated” the industry can feel at times.

The second you sign up you have access to all this and more! If you are feeling stuck, can’t find enough information about blogging, and wanting to take your brand to the next level I guarantee you won’t find a blogging resource with this much information for a lower price.


Follow @stylecollective_ and it’s girl boss founder @annie_spano on Instagram!

Have questions? Ask me! Send me a DM on Instagram. I am always available to help if I can!


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